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Technology has been taking our life and life's situations to a new level each day. These modernisations that influence every aspect of our life is predominantly taken forward by the improvisation in information technology. Each consumer of Information Technology look out for the easiest and most apt solutions for their problems. This is where Glinjos Innovations becomes consumers' favourite choice. We ensure that we offer each consumer the best solution after precisely evaluating their business needs. You can be the best entrepreneur, young entrepreneur or a professional in any field, reasons to choose Glinjos Innovations as your best IT partner are plenty

Glinjos is a team of experts dedicated to create and innovate trending as well as unique solutions for your software needs. The team is always looking to catch the latest trends in design and make sure in the uncompromising quality of our products. Glinjos also provides expert solutions for those who are trying to explore their ideas. And also to make them a refined model for the IT industry.The passionate software developers with their dedications make Glinjos Special among others..

Glinjos is a venture for innovative concepts and creation on Information Technology headquartered in Kannur,India. This consortium of web origination paves a divergent and novel access to the advanced web and mobile applications. Team Glinjos is striving to go ahead for the innovative trends in web formulating and assuring the exacting quality of out comes. Firm Glinjos also provides expert inventions and accelerating the idea in to reality and keeps them refined in IT era. The enthusiastic software devisers with commitment maintain glinjos ahead among others


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Work is our favorite four letter word. It’s also what defines us as a user-centered design company.

Why choose us?

About our Mobile Application Development

Business, educational, promotional, political and public service mobile applications for IOS and Android platform. Glinjos Innovations stands apart in developing simple and apt solutions keeping up with international standards, after clearly analysing the target of each project. Your mobile application gifts you a varied experience as the best development and designing team join hands. With the latest technology and design, we assure you of a performance that will keep you ahead of every other competition in the market..

Our Website and web applications strategy

Beyond factual data of your organisation, websites play a crucial role in deciding your business standard at an international level. Approaching targets in totality and keeping up the international standards, hundreds of websites developed by Glinjos Innovations is in constant communication with multiple consumers from nook and corner of the world. We assure 101% customer satisfaction through the static and dynamic websites and web applications developed by us. In addition, we consider the continued service on our products our biggest responsibility.

ERP, Accounting softwares

We know that you have several business requirements and understand the difficulty in managing them. With indepth understanding and experience, our business management/marketing team is constantly working to make your business handling smoother. This helps us in developing ERP, Accounting software that will keep all your business activities under your grasp.Along with Accounting softwares that assist you beyond your expecetations, we are at your service at all times.

Branding/Business Support/Event Management Support

Your brand is your signature in the business world. The best branding takes your business to new heights. Our team that studies the marketing ways of today's world in depth and constantly evaluates it, offers the best branding concept using the perfect marketing strategy available. Through these evaluations, we explore the marketing possibilities, challenges and solutions and promise you efficient business promotion that takes your brand to the maximum number of consumers.

Software Training Courses and Project Guidance

Our course is not limited to software training but aims at equipping job seekers to find and utilise the ever increasing opportunities in the IT sector. We also train students to overcome the challenges they face in MNCs. The academic project guidance section houses several specialties as it moulds software students to software professionals of tomorrow.

  • syllabus prepared by IT experts through constant analysis.
  • teachers with several years experience in teaching and developing.
  • familiarises the functioning of IT companies by ccommodating students into live projects.
  • well furnished and air-conditioned classrooms and lab center for training/academic project students
  • easily accessible classroom location with full time travel and accommodation facilities

About our service team

Our service team, well-known for its in depth understanding, evaluation and discipline in the areas of business development, analysis and marketing, is with you, anywhere, anytime. Our biggest reward is the satisfactory smile on our customer's face.



Commercial block-1, 4th Floor, Central Bus Terminal complex, Thavakkara, Kannur-1 Kerala India

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